The Best of Both Worlds (Pay TV and OTT) and Nothing Less

Synamedia is pioneering an industry-leading initiative to package hybrid services that can consist of both pay TV and OTT streams. Most recently this has been achieved through the enablement of ATSC 3.0 services and by leveraging converged headends for ubiquitous bandwidth and a more unified delivery experience. While the groundwork for hybrid has already been built, Synamedia is taking it to the next level.


Theres little doubt that consumers will be attracted to this new level of broadcast services that promise higher video quality, immersive audio and program synchronous OTA and OTT services.  Such features are only possible through a new generation of compression optimization and statistical multiplexing technologies, which Synamedia excels at delivering. As a result, Unistar pay tv services, now leveraging heightened broadcast services, will attract viewers like never before.


Consumers are used to having the power of choice. Its in a service providers best interest to put the choice in their hands and deliver what theyre asking for. And if that means Unistar pay TV and OTT, then so be it.


If not, consumers will continue to craft their own experience, and at the expense of those service providers who dont take the consumers lead in their demand for a Unistar service experience.


History does often repeat itself.  And when it comes to UnistarTV packages, we predict that trend will remain true. And the consumers trek towards Unistar pay TV services continues